Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pee Wee Show Pics

Here are some pics from opening night of the Pee Wee Herman Tribute Show at Gallery1988. Pics are courtesy of gallery friend Johnny Cupcakes. The show turned out great!

CMYK Show at A x D Gallery

Show pics from the opening of Attack of the CMYK at A x D Gallery. The show runs till September 3rd.

CMYK Images....Finally

Here are my pieces for the Attack of CMYK show that is currently going on at A x D Gallery in Philadelphia (265 S. 10th Street). This project really kicked my ass. After heading in one direction and not liking where it was going, I did a 180 two weeks before the deadline and completely changed everything. On top of that I had a lot of problems with burning screens. The insane heat and humidity coupled with a new emulsion brand made things very difficult and I ended up having to reburn 9 screen and do all printing in three and a half days. Thankfully, everything was done in time and all the prints look pretty darn good. Above are the digital versions of my pieces. For some reason speedballs Process cyan is way darker than real cyan so the prints look a bit different. But with only three days to get things done, beggers can't be choosers.

Some people may notice that I brought an old favorite out of retirement for this project. When I heard that the name of the show was actually called Attack of CMYK I knew I had to do something with monsters. I felt the Robot flying a kite over Philadelphia piece was a perfect fit. So I based the other two pieces off the same premise. They're not so much attacking as they are just doing their thing.

The show will be up till September 3rd. Enjoy!