Sunday, July 8, 2012


Here is my piece for Gallery27's (of Chicago) currant show "The American Hero". And really, who's more American than Steven Colbert?! The show runs for about a month and features all kind of heroes both real and fictional.

This piece is a four color, hand pulled screen print and is an edition of 40.

Please nation,  help give this piece (and show, and gallery) the Colbert bump.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I just blue myself

A little late to the party as the show opened last Friday (sorry, combination of vacation and laziness). Here is my piece for Gallery1988's show "There is Always Money in the Banana Stand". I (and it seems many others) have a special appreciation for David Cross and his Tobias F√ľnke character. I wanted to recreate his head shot from the series and show off the characters acting range.

The show is up for a month. Bad news- gallery1988 is already sold out of the unframed prints I sent them. Good news- I have more! They'll be on my etsy page after the show comes down. Enjoy!